Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

The individuals who drew these maps and plans have been surveyors and as such persons wishing to check the event and history of colonial surveying and map and plan-making will likewise discover the Cadastral Map Collection invaluable. Estate plans for instance, have been drawn for numerous causes, including accompaniments of patents, deeds, wills, boundary disputes, settlement and debtor hearings, sale and land transfer. Maps usually include the structure of the estates, displaying land utilization, rivers, mountains and variety of settlements. It is noteworthy to watch that maps earlier maps of Jamaica illustrated coastal settlements and the interior parts of the island were either poorly labelled or ignored. Later maps nevertheless, famous inland settlements, as nicely as inside rivers, mountains and so on and moreover have been fairly accurate as to labeling.

  • Plat books contain info regarding land from as early as settlers were granted tracts within the 15th century.
  • Essentially, it is composed of the directions to persons wishing to attend the funeral in addition to plans of it.

Plat books include information regarding land from as early as settlers had been granted tracts within the 15th century. The format of the minutes discussed above is important for individuals wishing it. The Minutes have been at first hand written and it will be helpful to review.

Report Guide Of The Court Of St Ann, 1787

Patrons usually are not allowed to use pens in the studying room, and are generally supplied magnifying glasses if the fabric is tough to decipher. The Archives has embarked on a 5 yr plan to microfilm all its collections, particularly older ones and people which may be deteriorating with time. The Archive takes special precautions to safeguard the standard of its collections, by instructing patrons in the correct methods when using the paperwork. The Archive has launched into a 5 yr plan to microfilm all its collections, significantly older ones and people that are deteriorating with time. This material allows historians to hint the event of huge landed estates in Jamaica and by extension use this info, comparatively, to examine the formation of large estates in different nations. The earliest maps and plans on this collection had been done within the seventeenth century and continued into the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Therefore one is ready to get an image of the trends of manumission in accordance with parish and estate. One can be capable of get an image of the importance of manumission in Jamaica as a premier slave society which in was strategically, one of the most necessary sugar producing British colonies of the 18th century. Documents such as these are invaluable sources of the examine of slavery within the Caribbean and more particularly, Jamaican context. They have helped to shed gentle on the method of freedom in the context of a slave society and have been used my myriad historians as sources for a wide range of studies. Though it was solely relatively payment enslaved people that got their freedom before emancipation in 1834, these documents offer an perception into the ‘anomalies’ of freed blacks and coloureds in this structure of the slave society.

Eighteenth Century Newspaper Collection

As such individuals excited about early map-making and drawing ought to seek the guidance of Slaney’s map. Slaney’s Map of Jamaica is helpful for individuals studying the economic and social history of Jamaica. Likewise individuals interested in geography and geology will find this map useful. The Bibliographic particulars of Slaney’s Map of Jamaica is provided on site within the card catalogue at the Special Collection and Conservations Dept. of the National Library.

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There is an increased consciousness of the necessity for preserving the information of the past with regard to Jamaica’s early historical past. [newline]The poor storage of those information during slavery, in addition to the ravages of time have meant that only a few plantation data have been preserved to this day in any useable form. In many instances these information are missing, disjointed, water-stained, the writing is faded and the papers have rot. Worthy Park is amongst a small variety of plantation data that have been deposited of their holistic and unique type.